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> Protein (NX_O43186)
Protein (NX_O43186)
Gene SymbolCRX to neXtProt (NX_O43186)
DescriptionCone-rod homeobox protein
Location19q13.33 (48322703 ~ 48346587) to Ensembl
Sequene Features : Isoforms 1, Variants 65, PTMsto neXtProt Sequence Features
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.retina development in camera-type eye
.response to stimulus
.positive regulation of photoreceptor cell differentiation
  + 5 more...
.leucine zipper domain binding
.nuclear hormone receptor binding
.sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
  + 3 more...
.transcription factor complex
Proteomic Evidences
ReleaseProtein EvidencePrAbIsoformsVariantsPTMs
2015-01-01protein level
1 65 0
2014-09-19protein level
1 47 0
2014-05-27protein level
1 47 0
2014-02-25protein level
1 47 0
2013-12-09protein level
1 46 0
2013-11-01protein level
1 45 0
2013-09-12protein level
1 45 0
2013-08-17protein level
1 45 0
2013-07-15protein level
1 32 0
2013-06-11protein level
1 32 0
2013-02-12protein level
1 19 0
2012-12-20protein level
1 19 0
2012-10-30protein level
1 19 0
2012-10-07protein level
1 19 0
2012-08-24protein level
1 18 0
2012-07-28protein level
1 18 0
2012-06-08protein level
1 18 0
2012-05-07protein level
1 17 0
2012-04-10protein level
1 17 0
2012-01-13protein level
1 15 0
2011-12-20protein level
1 15 0
2011-11-11protein level
1 15 0
2011-08-23protein level
1 15 0
Protein Isoforms
Isoform Ac UGSMw (Da)
7 0 0 32240.9372
: Uniquely mapped peptide
: Gene-specific peptide
: Shared peptide
Interacting Partners
No. Exp. ref. Symbol   PE Pr Ab Di   GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
1 EBI-748171,EBI-1053424 PRKAB2  
  .membrane organization
.regulation of protein kinase activity
.small molecule metabolic process
  + 13 more...
.identical protein binding .AMP-activated protein kinase complex
2 EBI-748171,EBI-10188645 GCM2  
  .cellular response to organic substance
.parathyroid gland development
.negative regulation of apoptotic process
  + 6 more...
.metal ion binding
.sequence-specific DNA binding
.DNA binding
3 EBI-748171,EBI-749295 STK16  
  .cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulus
.protein autophosphorylation
.regulation of signal transduction
.ATP binding
.non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity
.protein serine/threonine kinase activity
.RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in positive regulation of transcription
.perinuclear region of cytoplasm
.Golgi-associated vesicle
4 EBI-748171,EBI-746742 ATG12  
  .innate immune response
.negative regulation of type I interferon production
  + 4 more...
.Atg8 ligase activity .Atg12-Atg5-Atg16 complex
.pre-autophagosomal structure membrane
5 EBI-748171,EBI-395261 CCNC  
  .positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
.gene expression
.Notch signaling pathway
  + 4 more...
.N/A .mediator complex
6 EBI-748171,EBI-718700 CA8  
  .phosphatidylinositol-mediated signaling
.one-carbon metabolic process
.zinc ion binding
.carbonate dehydratase activity
7 EBI-748171,EBI-3505701 SOX5  
  .positive regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
.cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulus
.positive regulation of cartilage development
  + 10 more...
.transcription regulatory region DNA binding
.sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
.sequence-specific DNA binding RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity
.nuclear transcription factor complex
8 EBI-748171,EBI-603329 PSMB10  
  .positive regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway
.negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway
.regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity involved in mitotic cell cycle
  + 26 more...
.threonine-type endopeptidase activity
.endopeptidase activity
.spermatoproteasome complex
.proteasome core complex
  + 4 more...
9 EBI-748171,EBI-373150 EIF5A  
  .positive regulation of translational termination
.positive regulation of translational elongation
.cellular protein metabolic process
  + 8 more...
.protein N-terminus binding
.poly(A) RNA binding
.ribosome binding
  + 3 more...
.extracellular exosome
  + 5 more...
10 EBI-748171,EBI-717810 AES  
  .positive regulation of anoikis
.negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway
.response to interleukin-1
  + 12 more...
.transcription corepressor activity .nucleus
11 EBI-748171,EBI-2805660 KIAA0141  
  .regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process
.extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway via death domain receptors
.N/A .mitochondrion
12 EBI-748171,EBI-1993619 UBXN2B  
  .membrane fusion
.regulation of catalytic activity
.proteasome-mediated ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
  + 3 more...
.ubiquitin binding
.protein phosphatase type 1 regulator activity
.Golgi apparatus
.endoplasmic reticulum
13 EBI-748171,EBI-2798044 QRICH1  
  .N/A .N/A .nucleoplasm
14 EBI-748171,EBI-10245139 SZT2  
  .regulation of superoxide dismutase activity
.corpus callosum morphogenesis
  + 2 more...
.N/A .extracellular exosome
15 EBI-748171,EBI-10255841 LARP4  
  .regulation of cell morphogenesis
.cytoskeleton organization
.poly(A) RNA binding .membrane
16 EBI-748171,EBI-10256685 PID1  
  .negative regulation of glucose import in response to insulin stimulus
.positive regulation of ATP biosynthetic process
.negative regulation of ATP biosynthetic process
  + 19 more...
.N/A .cytoplasm
17 EBI-748171,EBI-2961725 C9orf72  
.Rab GTPase binding .intercellular bridge
.cytoplasmic vesicle
.actin cytoskeleton
  + 7 more...
18 EBI-748171,EBI-8293751 GUCD1  
  .N/A .N/A .N/A
19 EBI-748171,EBI-10293968 PPP1R16B  
  .positive regulation of blood vessel endothelial cell proliferation involved in sprouting angiogenesis
.negative regulation of peptidyl-serine dephosphorylation
.establishment of endothelial barrier
  + 6 more...
.protein phosphatase type 1 regulator activity .perinuclear region of cytoplasm
.cell projection
.plasma membrane
20 EBI-748171,EBI-8643161 C1orf109  
  .N/A .N/A .N/A
21 EBI-748171,EBI-743598 ABI2  
  .positive regulation of Arp2/3 complex-mediated actin nucleation
.peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation
.Rac protein signal transduction
  + 5 more...
.proline-rich region binding
.protein complex binding
.ubiquitin protein ligase binding
  + 4 more...
.SCAR complex
  + 3 more...
22 EBI-748171,EBI-9057006 OSGIN1  
  .positive regulation of apoptotic process
.negative regulation of cell growth
.cell differentiation
.multicellular organismal development
.growth factor activity .N/A
23 EBI-748171,EBI-749003 NIP7  
  .ribosome assembly .poly(A) RNA binding .nucleolus
EST expression level of Protein Coding Gene (ref. NCBI UniGene EST)
Body Sites
Health State
Developmental Stage
TPM*: Transcripts per million; transcript expression level measured by expression sequence tags.
Expression level of Protein (ref. Human Protein Atlas)
TumorNumber of patients and Staining levels
breast cancer
cervical cancer
colorectal cancer
endometrial cancer
head and neck cancer
liver cancer
lung cancer
ovarian cancer
pancreatic cancer
prostate cancer
renal cancer
skin cancer
stomach cancer
testis cancer
thyroid cancer
urothelial cancer
Staining level colour codes
Highly expressed protein
Moderately expressed protein
Lower expressed protein
Not Detected
No.Disease DescriptionRef.
1(#120970, phenotype) Cone-rod dystrophy 2; CORD2OMIM
2(#268000, phenotype) Retinitis pigmentosa; RPOMIM
3(*602225, gene) Cone-rod homeobox-containing gene; CRXOMIM
4(#613829, phenotype) Leber congenital amaurosis 7; LCA7OMIM

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