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> Protein (NX_Q9BQY4)
Protein (NX_Q9BQY4)
Gene SymbolRHOXF2 to neXtProt (NX_Q9BQY4)
DescriptionRhox homeobox family member 2
LocationXq24 (119292467 ~ 119297945) to Ensembl
Sequene Features : Isoforms 1, Variants 17, PTMsto neXtProt Sequence Features
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.regulation of transcription, DNA-templated .sequence-specific DNA binding .nucleus
Proteomic Evidences
ReleaseProtein EvidencePrAbIsoformsVariantsPTMs
2015-01-01protein level
1 17 0
2014-09-19protein level
1 14 0
2014-05-27protein level
1 14 0
2014-02-25protein level
1 14 0
2013-12-09protein level
1 13 0
2013-11-01protein level
1 13 0
2013-09-12protein level
1 13 0
2013-08-17protein level
1 13 0
2013-07-15protein level
1 9 0
2013-06-11protein level
1 9 0
2013-02-12protein level
1 7 0
2012-12-20protein level
1 7 0
2012-10-30protein level
1 9 0
2012-10-07protein level
1 9 0
2012-08-24protein level
1 9 0
2012-07-28protein level
1 9 0
2012-06-08protein level
1 7 0
2012-05-07protein level
1 7 0
2012-04-10protein level
1 7 0
2012-01-13protein level
1 4 0
2011-12-20protein level
1 4 0
2011-11-11protein level
1 4 0
2011-08-23protein level
1 4 0
Protein Isoforms
Isoform Ac UGSMw (Da)
2 0 8 31671.1899
: Uniquely mapped peptide
: Gene-specific peptide
: Shared peptide
Interacting Partners
No. Exp. ref. Symbol   PE Pr Ab Di   GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
1 EBI-372094,EBI-741582 PLOD3  
  .basement membrane assembly
.lung morphogenesis
.epidermis morphogenesis
  + 9 more...
.procollagen galactosyltransferase activity
.procollagen glucosyltransferase activity
.L-ascorbic acid binding
  + 2 more...
.extracellular exosome
.rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane
.endoplasmic reticulum membrane
.endoplasmic reticulum
2 EBI-372094,EBI-7875264 DAB1  
  .lateral motor column neuron migration
.Golgi localization
.negative regulation of axonogenesis
  + 15 more...
.N/A .perinuclear region of cytoplasm
.apical part of cell
.neuronal cell body
  + 5 more...
3 EBI-372094,EBI-743414 EFEMP2  
  .extracellular matrix organization .calcium ion binding
.extracellular matrix structural constituent
.extracellular exosome
.basement membrane
.extracellular region
4 EBI-372094,EBI-7043337 CRYBA1  
  .visual perception
.lens development in camera-type eye
.structural constituent of eye lens .cytoplasm
5 EBI-372094,EBI-80140 SUMO1  
  .protein localization to nuclear pore
.regulation of interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway
.interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway
  + 13 more...
.poly(A) RNA binding
.ubiquitin protein ligase binding
.SUMO transferase activity
.transcription factor binding
.nuclear membrane
  + 8 more...
6 EBI-372094,EBI-717810 AES  
  .positive regulation of anoikis
.negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway
.response to interleukin-1
  + 12 more...
.transcription corepressor activity .nucleus
7 EBI-372094,EBI-2107455 VAC14  
  .small molecule metabolic process
.regulation of lipid kinase activity
.viral process
  + 3 more...
.receptor activity .PAS complex
.late endosome membrane
.early endosome membrane
  + 3 more...
8 EBI-372094,EBI-742828 LASP1  
  .positive regulation of signal transduction
.ion transport
.ion transmembrane transporter activity
.zinc ion binding
.SH3/SH2 adaptor activity
.extracellular exosome
.cortical actin cytoskeleton
.focal adhesion
9 EBI-372094,EBI-724310 DAZAP2  
  .N/A .WW domain binding .cytoplasm
10 EBI-372094,EBI-358993 TRIP13  
  .regulation of nucleic acid-templated transcription
.spermatid development
  + 8 more...
.identical protein binding
.ATP binding
.transcription cofactor activity
.male germ cell nucleus
11 EBI-372094,EBI-1048945 KRTAP19-5  
  .N/A .N/A .intermediate filament
12 EBI-372094,EBI-10241353 KRTAP19-7  
  .N/A .N/A .intermediate filament
13 EBI-372094,EBI-741787 FAM46C  
  .N/A .N/A .N/A
14 EBI-372094,EBI-535849 HNRNPLL  
  .positive regulation of RNA splicing
.mRNA processing
.poly(A) RNA binding
.mRNA binding
.nucleotide binding
.ribonucleoprotein complex
15 EBI-372094,EBI-740322 RBPMS  
  .positive regulation of SMAD protein import into nucleus
.positive regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylation
.RNA processing
  + 2 more...
.poly(A) RNA binding
.poly(A) binding
.transcription coactivator activity
.nucleotide binding
16 EBI-372094,EBI-751127 CHAC1  
  .intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to endoplasmic reticulum stress
.negative regulation of Notch signaling pathway
  + 3 more...
.transferase activity, transferring acyl groups
.Notch binding
.trans-Golgi network
17 EBI-372094,EBI-716006 MAGED1  
  .positive regulation of apoptotic signaling pathway
.extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in absence of ligand
.extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway
  + 15 more...
.transcription coactivator activity .protein complex
.plasma membrane
  + 2 more...
EST expression level of Protein Coding Gene (ref. NCBI UniGene EST)
Body Sites
Health State
uterine tumor11
TPM*: Transcripts per million; transcript expression level measured by expression sequence tags.
Expression level of Protein (ref. Human Protein Atlas)
TissuesExpression level
TumorNumber of patients and Staining levels
breast cancer
cervical cancer
colorectal cancer
endometrial cancer
head and neck cancer
liver cancer
lung cancer
ovarian cancer
pancreatic cancer
prostate cancer
renal cancer
skin cancer
stomach cancer
testis cancer
thyroid cancer
urothelial cancer
RNA-seq colour codes
Highly expressed RNAs (FPKM >50)
Moderately expressed RNAs (50> FPKM >10)
Lower expressed RNAs (10> FPKM >1)
The lowest expressed RNAs (FPKM value of 0 or 1)
Expression level colour codes
Highly expressed protein
Moderately expressed protein
Lower expressed protein
Staining level colour codes
Highly expressed protein
Moderately expressed protein
Lower expressed protein
Not Detected
No.Disease DescriptionRef.
1(*300447, gene) Rhox homeobox family, member 2; RHOXF2OMIM

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