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> Protein (NX_P05556)
Protein (NX_P05556)
Gene SymbolITGB1 to neXtProt (NX_P05556)
DescriptionIntegrin beta-1
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.negative regulation of anoikis
.positive regulation of establishment of protein localization to plasma membrane
.response to transforming growth factor beta
.cellular response to ionizing radiation
.cellular response to vitamin D
.cellular response to mechanical stimulus
.tight junction assembly
.maternal process involved in female pregnancy
.cardiac muscle cell differentiation
.regulation of cell cycle
.leukocyte tethering or rolling
.leukocyte migration
.regulation of immune response
.positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation
.dendrite morphogenesis
.axon extension
.mesodermal cell differentiation
.positive regulation of endocytosis
.negative regulation of neuron differentiation
.sarcomere organization
.positive regulation of MAPK cascade
.positive regulation of apoptotic process
.response to drug
.negative regulation of Rho protein signal transduction
.response to gonadotropin
.cell junction assembly
.heterotypic cell-cell adhesion
.cell-cell adhesion mediated by integrin
.protein transport within lipid bilayer
.cell-substrate adhesion
.negative regulation of cell projection organization
.positive regulation of cell migration
.extracellular matrix organization
.B cell differentiation
.formation of radial glial scaffolds
.cell migration
.response to activity
.positive regulation of neuron projection development
.positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion
.regulation of collagen catabolic process
.visual learning
.germ cell migration
.negative regulation of cell proliferation
.positive regulation of cell proliferation
.regulation of G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
.blood coagulation
.axon guidance
.small GTPase mediated signal transduction
.integrin-mediated signaling pathway
.calcium-independent cell-matrix adhesion
.cell-matrix adhesion
.leukocyte cell-cell adhesion
.homophilic cell adhesion via plasma membrane adhesion molecules
.cellular defense response
.cellular calcium ion homeostasis
.cell migration involved in sprouting angiogenesis
.tissue homeostasis
.cell fate specification
.in utero embryonic development
.G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
.collagen binding involved in cell-matrix adhesion
.cell adhesion molecule binding
.protein heterodimerization activity
.metal ion binding
.peptide binding
.actin binding
.protease binding
.virus receptor activity
.synaptic membrane
.invadopodium membrane
.extracellular exosome
.recycling endosome
.membrane raft
.receptor complex
.dendritic spine
.myelin sheath abaxonal region
.integrin alpha11-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha10-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha9-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha8-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha7-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha3-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha2-beta1 complex
.integrin alpha1-beta1 complex
.ruffle membrane
.cleavage furrow
.neuromuscular junction
.intercalated disc
.cell surface
.external side of plasma membrane
.integrin complex
.focal adhesion
.plasma membrane
.basement membrane
.acrosomal vesicle

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