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> Protein (NX_P13569)
Protein (NX_P13569)
Gene SymbolCFTR to neXtProt (NX_P13569)
DescriptionCystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.positive regulation of voltage-gated chloride channel activity
.chloride transmembrane transport
.cellular response to cAMP
.membrane hyperpolarization
.transmembrane transport
.intracellular pH elevation
.sperm capacitation
.positive regulation of vasodilation
.response to estrogen
.response to peptide hormone
.response to drug
.response to cytokine
.cellular response to hormone stimulus
.lung development
.transepithelial chloride transport
.cholesterol transport
.iodide transport
.respiratory gaseous exchange
.small GTPase mediated signal transduction
.water transport
.cholesterol biosynthetic process
.PDZ domain binding
.enzyme binding
.chloride channel inhibitor activity
.chloride transmembrane transporter activity
.bicarbonate transmembrane transporter activity
.ATP binding
.channel-conductance-controlling ATPase activity
.chloride channel activity
.ATP-binding and phosphorylation-dependent chloride channel activity
.extracellular exosome
.recycling endosome
.protein complex
.chloride channel complex
.early endosome membrane
.Golgi-associated vesicle membrane
.apical plasma membrane
.basolateral plasma membrane
.cell surface
.plasma membrane
.early endosome
.lysosomal membrane

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