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> Protein (NX_Q13153)
Protein (NX_Q13153)
Gene SymbolPAK1 to neXtProt (NX_Q13153)
DescriptionSerine/threonine-protein kinase PAK 1
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.negative regulation of cell proliferation involved in contact inhibition
.positive regulation of stress fiber assembly
.T cell receptor signaling pathway
.regulation of axonogenesis
.neuron projection morphogenesis
.branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube
.ephrin receptor signaling pathway
.vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway
.protein autophosphorylation
.innate immune response
.positive regulation of JUN kinase activity
.receptor clustering
.regulation of apoptotic process
.wound healing
.Fc-gamma receptor signaling pathway involved in phagocytosis
.Fc-epsilon receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of intracellular estrogen receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of peptidyl-serine phosphorylation
.cellular response to insulin stimulus
.activation of protein kinase activity
.actin cytoskeleton reorganization
.T cell costimulation
.cell migration
.dendrite development
.neuromuscular junction development
.axon guidance
.regulation of mitotic cell cycle
.Rho protein signal transduction
.small GTPase mediated signal transduction
.apoptotic process
.protein phosphorylation
.stimulatory C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of protein phosphorylation
.response to hypoxia
.Rac GTPase binding
.ATP binding
.collagen binding
.protein serine/threonine kinase activity
.protein kinase activity
.protein complex
.ruffle membrane
.nuclear membrane
.growth cone
.Z disc
.intercalated disc
.focal adhesion
.cell-cell junction
.plasma membrane
.Golgi apparatus

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