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> Protein (NX_Q9Y4K3)
Protein (NX_Q9Y4K3)
Gene SymbolTRAF6 to neXtProt (NX_Q9Y4K3)
DescriptionTNF receptor-associated factor 6
GO: Biological Process GO: Mulecular Function GO: Cellular Component
.positive regulation of transcription regulatory region DNA binding
.apoptotic signaling pathway
.cellular response to lipopolysaccharide
.response to interleukin-1
.protein K63-linked ubiquitination
.interleukin-1-mediated signaling pathway
.nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing signaling pathway
.protein autoubiquitination
.stress-activated MAPK cascade
.positive regulation of NF-kappaB transcription factor activity
.positive regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
.regulation of immunoglobulin secretion
.positive regulation of T cell activation
.T cell receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation
.cell development
.neurotrophin TRK receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
.negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
.positive regulation of osteoclast differentiation
.bone resorption
.positive regulation of interleukin-6 biosynthetic process
.innate immune response
.positive regulation of interleukin-12 biosynthetic process
.positive regulation of JUN kinase activity
.positive regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling
.negative regulation of apoptotic process
.positive regulation of apoptotic process
.myeloid dendritic cell differentiation
.odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth
.positive regulation of T cell proliferation
.T-helper 1 type immune response
.toll-like receptor TLR6:TLR2 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor TLR1:TLR2 signaling pathway
.Fc-epsilon receptor signaling pathway
.nucleotide-binding domain, leucine rich repeat containing receptor signaling pathway
.TRIF-dependent toll-like receptor signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 10 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 9 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 5 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 3 signaling pathway
.toll-like receptor 2 signaling pathway
.positive regulation of interleukin-2 production
.activation of protein kinase activity
.positive regulation of lipopolysaccharide-mediated signaling pathway
.positive regulation of protein ubiquitination
.membrane protein intracellular domain proteolysis
.osteoclast differentiation
.antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class II
.JNK cascade
.activation of NF-kappaB-inducing kinase activity
.I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling
.protein complex assembly
.MyD88-independent toll-like receptor signaling pathway
.MyD88-dependent toll-like receptor signaling pathway
.positive regulation of T cell cytokine production
.toll-like receptor signaling pathway
.stimulatory C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway
.neural tube closure
.protein polyubiquitination
.activation of MAPK activity
.negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
.protein N-terminus binding
.protein kinase B binding
.histone deacetylase binding
.identical protein binding
.thioesterase binding
.ubiquitin protein ligase binding
.ubiquitin conjugating enzyme binding
.mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase binding
.protein kinase binding
.ligase activity
.zinc ion binding
.tumor necrosis factor receptor binding
.ubiquitin-protein transferase activity
.perinuclear region of cytoplasm
.protein complex
.CD40 receptor complex
.endosome membrane
.cytoplasmic side of plasma membrane
.cell cortex
.plasma membrane
.lipid particle

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